Monday, July 16, 2012

The campaign theme for President Obama and the Democrats is now clear.  Because they cannot run on the economy, which is sputtering along at less than two percent growth with unemployment hovering around eight percent, they have to run on something they believe will gain favor with most of the population and will box the Republicans into an unpopular position.  That position is good, old-fashioned class warfare, exemplified by the proposal coming from the Democrats in the Senate that they would rather go over the "fiscal cliff" than let the wealthy keep their Bush tax cuts.  They figure if they push hard enough the GOP will cave, infuriating the Tea Party types and depressing their turnout in the Fall.  They also hope to win over white, working class voters with this approach.

It might just work.  It depends on whether or not some sufficient mass of those voters (and some young voters and minorities as well) have become immune to the siren call of 'tax the rich', realizing that it is 'the rich' who do the investing, job-creating, and hiring that leads to more economic activity.  But the liberals who dominate the Democratic Party don't believe in that concept, which is why the President can say individuals who own their own businesses did not build them on their own (therefore, they do not deserve to be the beneficiaries of their success).

Perhaps, though, it will backfire on them, as millions of people who have dedicated their lives to building their own businesses come to realize that President Obama and the Democrats are their worst enemy, worse than any big business Republicans, worse than any banker, worse than anything.  Perhaps some are paying attention, and perhaps they will remember in November.


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