Thursday, July 19, 2012

The significance of the new CBS News/New York Times poll is not simply that it shows Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in a virtual tie at 47-46, but that it is a poll of registered voters.  Typically, registered voter polls lean more Democratic, while likely voter polls tend to be a shade more conservative and Republican.  If Obama is struggling to maintain a tie with Romney in registered voter polls, and in late July no less, then he is in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, the United States Postal Service is also facing trouble as they are poised to miss a $5.5 billion payment to their retirement system.  While the Senate has come up with an aid plan (the postal employees do not like the term 'bailout', and I don't blame them), the House does not appear as if it will move before the August recess.

John Podhoretz hits the nail on the head with this piece about what he calls "the biggest mistake of campaign 2012".  I entirely agree with his conclusion that President Obama really stepped on it when he told every small business person and entrepeneur that he/she didn't build their business themselves.  What they know, and Obama doesn't, is that they DID work harder, for longer hours and less pay, than many of their neighbors.  They took risks and busted their tails to get what they've got, and now they know the Community-Organizer-in-Chief doesn't think they deserve whatever they managed to get for their pains.  He just may have pushed several hundred thousand more voters Mitt Romney's way...maybe more.


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